FlipHTML5 Releases New Version of Page Flip Software to the Public

March 11 10:57 2015

FlipHTML5 Version 2.6
FlipHTML5, a company known for its digital publishing platform and page flip software, has released its version 2.6 that not only fixes any outstanding bugs from prior releases but also provides upgrades to its multimedia functionality.

FlipHTML5 has been a pioneer in providing affordable, digital publishing software to the public. It’s easy to use page flip software has been utilized by large firms like IBM and Pfizer, as well as, first time authors and small business owners. The free version of the program which offers the ability for someone to create a standard flip book that is compatible with tablets, eReaders, and smart phones has created a near revolution in digital publishing. Prior to the free software releases of products like FlipHTML5 first time authors and small booksellers were finding themselves in a situation where they were unable to compete with large firms insofar as product look and feel.

Today a small bookstore or writer can create beautiful eBooks with the same look and feel of something produced by a major publisher. The addition of multimedia enhancements at an affordable rate for their monthly subscribers put positioned FlipHTML5 at the head of the pack in the digital publishing revolution. The multimedia additions which included audio, video, and even interactive displays allow a firm or author to better communicate a full vision to the intended audience. The latest version of this software takes the lessons learned from their multimedia addition and raises the bar again.

Not only does version 2.6 improve the performance for mobile devices, but also includes improvements to the import and export of animation. The animation editor now supports adding new PDF pages and allows existing pages of a book to be easily replaced. The new animation editor has improvements to background sound performance and now supports *.ogg audio format. These changes create a cleaner, more usable multimedia product.

“We have always known that multimedia is the next big thing on the horizon for digital publishing,” FlipHTML5 designer Anna Lee explains, “and being able to maintain our technological edge on the market by constantly improving its performance is very important to us.” The latest version of the software for windows can be found at: http://fliphtml5.com/page-flip-software-free-download.php

The release of this latest version is important not only in improving the functionality of the page flip software, but also showing that this product and company is not only here to stay but leading the way in multimedia digital publishing software.

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