Best Custom Bobbleheads Manufacturer Announces Hundreds of Custom Bobbleheads Available With Affordable Prices

January 10 23:02 2018
MIQI Arts & Crafts specializes in customized bobbleheads and has a variety of models in their stock with starting price of just $65.

A wide variety of custom bobblehead models are now available at an unbelievable price from China based MIQI Arts & Crafts. The company offers bobbleheads at a starting price of just $65 and allows customers to customize their bobblehead model in a few simple steps. One can visit their website to get a personalized bobblehead at a cheap price to celebrate different occasions.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they can supply custom bobbleheads for clients to celebrate different occasions, such as birthday parties, sporting events and others. They have bobbleheads in different styles for a customer to choose from. One can check the pre-models and can request for making custom changes in these models. The company can change the posture, clothes, hairstyles and other components to help personalize a bobblehead that can meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Best Custom Bobbleheads Manufacturer Announces Hundreds of Custom Bobbleheads Available With Affordable Prices

The company has the specialty of supplying customized bobbleheads that can exactly look like a given person. The spokesperson reveals that all custom changes are made for free and they can make a custom bobblehead from a given photograph. They can exactly match the appearance, pose and clothes of the person in the photograph and it could be a wonderful gift to please someone. The company pays a great attention to detail and they can design the bobblehead according to the ideas shared by the client. According to the spokesperson, these bobbleheads are handmade and are crafted with patience and care.

MIQI Arts & Crafts also accepts bobbleheads bulk orders, maintaining reasonable prices. In bulk orders, all models could be the same or these could be of different styles as well. While placing bulk orders, one needs to send the clear photos with facial appearance, body posture and clothe styles for each set of bobbleheads. The company ensures that bobbleheads resemble exactly with the given photographs of a single person or different people.

For placing orders for a single piece or for bulk orders, one can visit the website

About MIQI Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

Established in the year 2008, “MIQI Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd” is a well known handmade bobblehead factory, specialized in manufacturing and exporting personalized bobbleheads. The products offered by the company are manufactured by the qualified sculptors, using high quality material and with exquisite workmanship. The artists understand how important it is to capture one’s little cuteness in unique and creative ways, and are committed to deliver personalized designs.

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