October 16 17:51 2017
Story Academy Launches Website to Offer Personalized Storybooks with International Destinations

From Paris to Australia to the Amazon rainforest, kids everywhere can now personalize their own storybook adventures through destinations all over the world from Paris to the Amazon rainforest. They will experience the people and cultures by “visiting” the sites of famous cities around the world.

Story Academy is a new startup dedicated to promoting the joys of world travel, an appreciation for diverse cultures and people, and an early love of reading to children through fully customizable storybooks. Their flagship series, “Adventures with Max and Leo”, launches with “Lost in Paris”, in which Max the duck is lost in the city of lights and Leo the mouse enlists the help of young readers to search the city for clues.

In addition to their focus on travel, what sets Story Academy storybooks apart is the customization available in each story. Story Academy goes beyond traditional print-ready personalization, which simply allows parents to insert a child’s name into a preset story. With Story Academy, customers can input their child’s name, select from a variety of characters, control the sequence of the adventure, and even include a personal message for their child. Creating the story is entertaining and even magical with the help of your children. The vibrantly-illustrated, full-color book ships directly to your child’s doorstep. But the fun doesn’t end when the story does! Each book contains additional information about the story’s location, history, and traditions as well as engaging activities.

Fun and educational, Story Academy’s personalized storybooks are a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joys of reading and encourage reading abilities, which are directly linked to future academic success, communication skills, and confidence. Research also indicates a correlation between exposure to multiple cultures and increased problem-solving skills and higher levels of creativity.

Says Story Academy founder Helene Anderson, “Traveling has a great impact on the children’s social and emotional development, broadening their horizons and exposing them to whole new worlds, people, and ideas. We’re thrilled to launch this line of customized storybooks designed to encourage a lifelong love of reading and interest in travel. To quote the famed Dr. Seuss, ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’”.

Personalized travel tales are now available for $29.99 plus shipping and can be ordered at Story Academy (

About Story Academy:

Story Academy is a new internet publisher based in California. The International founding team launched the start-up so that children could experience different countries and cultures through totally personalized journeys. The company encourages creativity by enabling children to contribute to the creation of their own stories, making each experience totally unique and engaging. Visit for more information.

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