“MediapulseRTB” Has Been Named “The Leading Global Advertising Platform”

October 06 00:54 2017
MEDIAPULSERTB LLC’s publisher system is renowned among mobile application developers for its versatility. Clients of the firm claim that their advertising platform is head and shoulders above competing services.

Montgomery, AL – MediapulseRTB is an Alabama-based firm that that specializes in providing advertising solutions to smartphone application designers and publishing entities. In addition to offering them various methods to monetize and automate their resources, the company manages a vast virtual marketplace that enables their clients to connect with over 500 of their demand affiliates around the world. As of now, 90,000 mobile application developers and publishers have joined their network, which allows them to access 1 billion mobile users per month through numerous Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

The digital marketing services provider pulled ahead of its competitors as it garnered praise from many satisfied clients. For instance, a publisher based in Australia exclaimed:

“MEDIAPULSERTB have surprised me with their charitable pricing policy while at the same time proved to deliver the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen. I have a lot of experience to compare with, and their program and approaches are simply superb!”

Because of this and countless other positive testimonials extolling the exceptional service provided by the company, the firm’s publisher system was recently awarded the title of “The Leading Global Advertising Platform”. Indeed, it is a well-deserved payoff for MediapulseRTB’s holistic approach that emphasizes flexibility and affordability. Assisted by a sprawling network of DSPs, experts from MediapulseRTB work in tandem to provide all-encompassing advertising solutions to an immense clientele of publishing entities, minimizing their costs in the process.

About the Company

MediapulseRTB is a digital adverting services provider that primarily caters to mobile application designers and publishing entities. The firm is based in Montgomery, Alabama.

For more information, visit their website at https://mediapulsertb.com/

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Company Name: MediapulseRTB
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